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Erasmus Mundus "Crossways in Cultural Narratives" Drukuj
Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan takes part in the Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme Crossways in Cultural Narratives.

The programme – created and supported by the European Commission – sets up a varied yet integrated educational offer composed of different programmes run locally at 10 universities that make up the “Crossways Consortium”: Bergamo (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Perpignan (France), Santiago de Compostella (Spain), Sheffield (England), St Andrews (Scotland), Guelph (Canada), Entre Ríos (Argentina), Ciudad de México (Mexico) and Poznan (Poland).

Crossways in Cultural Narratives is targeted toward traditionally understood humanities with background in modern languages, taking European Identities and European Cultures as its theme. The Poznan University’s Department of Romance Studies makes its contribution to this innovative offer by focusing on Women’s Studies, Animal Narratives, Holocaust and Trauma Studies and on Minor Literature(s), with courses created specifically for Crossways in Cultural Narratives students. There are also language specific modules (Italian, French, Spanish, English). The knowledge of Polish is not necessary. The programme is accessible to both European and non-European students.